Eighty-Watt Cinema-Related Links

Links to friends and valued colleagues

Tim Naylor, Cinematographer
The official website of Tim Naylor, talented cinematographer whose fine work is on display in The Surprise.
Shoot Me: Creative Filmmakimg from Creative Concept to Rousing Release by Rocco Simonelli and Roy Frumkes
Gary Cooper, who edited The Surprise is the amusing subject of a chapter in this delightful book.
Baker Hostetler, LLP
Our wonderful lawyers
The Tribeca Film Center

The Surprise-Related Links

A diverse sampling of resources for issues related to the film

Planned Parenthood of America
National Right to Life
Democrats for Life
Pro-Life Action League
National Abortion Federation
The Pro-Choice Resource Center

Alternative Film Schools

Please note: if you're looking to take classes at any of these institutions, visit all of them in person, ask plenty of questions, and meet students and professors – visiting can be an education in and of itself. With most everything when you’re starting out, doing it in person is always better than calling, and calling is always better than e-mailing. Our recommendations are based on our own experience and the experiences of our colleagues and should not be taken as official endorsements.

NYU SCPS Department of Film, Video, and Broadcasting (highly recommended)
A no-nonsense, piecemeal alternative to traditional film school
The New School University (highly recommended)
Offering strong screenwriting and film production certificate programs
New York Film Academy (highly recommended)
We have no experience with the NYFA but Tim Naylor, award-winning cinematographer of The Surprise and a graduate of NYU Tisch Graduate Film, teaches there and highly recommends it.
The Edit Center (highly recommended)
Alan Oxman’s unique editing school offers the opportunity to work on scenes from a real feature in post-production
The Rockport Workshops (highly recommended)
If you can afford to make your way to Maine, these workshops are worth every penny. The faculty is amazing (John Toll teaches there, for example) and their reputation is very, very good. Many working industry professionals make their way to Rockport to improve and expand on their skills, but workshops are offered at all levels of experience
The Gotham Writer's Workshop (recommended)
Excellent writing classes for all disciplines
DV Dojo
A new organization that is gaining steam.
Global Film School
A comprehensive online film school
School of Visual Arts
The Learning Annex - Two Day Film School
We don't know anything about it, but it was profiled by Time Out New York, and Tarantino and Guy Richie are alums...
NYU Tisch’s summer program
and a listing of all offered courses


A smattering of interesting and helpful websites in no particular order
Images Journal
A journal of film and popular culture
The database for everyone and everything. It's a bit commercial and gossip-y, but the pro version is much better and more professional. It’s also very helpful for tracking down the agents for both talent and production staff.
Bright Lights Film Journal
Check out the student filmmaker resources and the Filmmaker Focus section.
Fuji Behind-the-Scenes
Media Services
This entertainment payroll firm also offers free production seminars on budgeting, scheduling, working with the unions, and many other topics
Film Threat
The best way to see all of the films you should have seen already
Landmark Theaters
The nation’s largest art-house chain also has a wonderful links section.
Film and Television Law Quarterly
A great production and post resource that can answer a lot of technical questions
Focal Press
A wonderful resource for all things film. We especially value their companions/resource pages for books like Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video by Peter Rea and David Irving, two Tisch professors (a wonderful book).
Broadcast Music Incorporated
Drew’s Script-O-Rama
A comprehensive database of free movie scripts
A great online publication for the independent community
Indie Links
Carole Deane and From the Heart
Carole, the founder of Studio Tape and Film (a filmstock house) coined the term ‘short ends’ and now runs a grant and seminars on financing. She’s very well connected and has great speakers at her seminars. Her book, which I just got an advance copy of, is also quite helpful.
Official Dogma 95 Website
Microcinema International
The Foundation Center
Wonderful resource for grant-seekers
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
Mark Litwak
This entertainment attorney offers very decent introductory articles and books that will help you begin to understand how all things get financed
The New York Production Guide Online
Greg Pak’s Film Help
Mandy’s Production Directory
Producer’s Source
The Library of Congress
With links to copyright procedures and the Film Preservation Board


The so-called “trades”

The Hollywood Reporter
Backstage Magazine
Film Score Monthly
Screen Daily/Screen International
Film Festivals Today
IFC Rant
Film Comment (published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center)


Important organizations and societies within the filmmaking community

The Independent Feature Project
A wonderful, wonderful non-profit organization located in New York and L.A. – a must for any independent filmmaker. Their conferences, panels, and web resources are invaluable.
NYC Mayor’s Office of Film and Television
Lots of know-how and useful resources, as well as the popular Tech List
The ASC’s resources section is brief but very helpful. You can also view the online edition of American Cinematographer Magazine.
Women Make Movies
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
The American Film Institute
NYC Police Movie and TV Unit
The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)


IATSE International
The Teamsters